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LINKS is the site to fill all of your high speed photography and ballistic measuring devices. KURZZEIT. Founded by Werner Mehl, this company is the source for all hyper speed analysis and measuring needs. The most advanced technology available.

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The new Kurzzeit BMC-19 is HERE! This is the PVM-08 on steroids. Features wireless connection to your computer. No driver installation required. Faster processing. Increased sensitivity. Easily detects .17 Remington Fireball more than 4000 ft/sec. Great software package!

Great site for finding answers to barrel vibration and its relationship to accuracy as well as a plethora of other factors that effect the path of a projectile

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NECO Case Gauge
G3 Rim to Ogive measuring tool
G3 Rimfire Rim Thickness Gauge

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Mark Avakian of the FCSA (Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association) wrote an in depth article about the many uses of the NECO Concentricity, Wall Thickness and Runout Gauge. To read the article and learn more about using the "Gauge", Click ot the button below.


Interesting site for shooters who want to improve accuracy and reliability